Think outside the box…or don’t.

Thinking outside the box has been such a strong metaphor for creativity and maverick thinking in the business community for a while now. There is no shortage of experts who offer insights on how this approach can benefit entrepreneurs and start-ups. There are several books, articles, seminars and speakers dedicated to convincing people that this is the right approach to business.

While there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that this approach might have led to some staggering success for some brands. If you look at conducting business as a problem then having outside the box thinking becomes an important asset. However starting and conducting a business is more then just a simple problem that needs to be solved. There are several functions and aspects of conducting a business model, while some outside the box thinking can provide tangible benefits, its not that simple. There are several benefits to having a strong process oriented thinking when it comes running a successful business.

A box is just a set a limits, a paradigm or a perspective in most cases these are self-imposed limitations. What we really need to do is broaden our thinking, letting pre conceived notions rule how we conduct business is dangerous. Very often people get constrained not because of their intent but their lack of awareness of the opportunities around them. Focusing on making radical change to your approach just for the sake of thinking out of the box does not bring rewards.

With business these days there is no clear box, so when encouraging people to think outside the box the discussion should start with defining a box. At the Apex Agency our approach has always been doing the right things at the right time, whether it’s inside the box or outside. When it comes to experiential marketing we feel that every brand is different and their needs are different our approach is customizing the right strategy.

When it comes to your online presence there are several time tested techniques that will provide rich rewards if followed diligently. We will take a look at few of the techniques.

  1. Goals: A successful website is one that has clear defined goals and objectives, there are various reasons why companies deploy a web presence. Companies should have clear thinking about what their reasons are and target their development efforts towards achieving those goals. If you have clear measurable goals then you will be able to evaluate how effective your online presence is and calibrate accordingly.
  2. Simple and Effective Design: Simplicity is very hard to achieve, its normal human tendency to complicate things, coupled with the fact that the online world is fraught with distractions it gets very difficult to keep people engaged. Keeping things simple, to the point and relevant is the most effective strategy of getting people to actually consume your content.
  3. Great graphics and imagery: A picture speaks a 1000 words nowhere is this metaphor more applicable then on a website. In this day of reducing attention spans having quality imagery and graphics will get you noticed. With great cameras easily available as well as an abundance of royalty free resources there is no excuse to not have great imagery.
  4. Strong Content strategy: Content is key and having relevant content especially critical, having clear concise copy that gets to the point will go a long way in separating you from your competition. Make sure you are informative, understand what people are looking for and make this information as accessible as possible. Lastly these days having content that is rich with relevant keywords will go a long way in establishing a presence on Search Engines.
  5. Understand your Customer: Define a clear idea of who your target customer is, more important then that is having an idea of what your customer considers value. If you understand these two points delivering that value should be easy. A website cannot be all things for all people, if you are able to deliver value to your target market the site will be that much more effective and provide a strong ROI.

When it comes to having a strong website that is an asset for your business, following these simple common sense techniques should be more then sufficient. Getting caught up in all the latest buzzwords, stressing about thinking outside the box or pushing the envelope entrepreneurs often forget to do the simple things. When it comes to business it’s more about doing the right things at the right time.

Let us know how the Apex Agency can help you with your next Digital, Social of Live campaign and do it right.